99 Names of Allah

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  • Ninety Nine Attributes of Allah


    Author: Rashad Shaban Ramadan Publisher: Dar al Ghadd al Gadeed Year: 2001 Pages: 120 Printed: India Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 256gr. Description from the publisher:

  • 99 Names of Allah


    Publisher: Millat Book Centre Pages: 44 Printed: India Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 28gr. Description from the publisher: Pocket sized booklet containing the 99 Names of Allah. Includes Arabic script, transliteration, translation and a brief description.

  • The Most Beautiful Names of Allah


    Author: Samira Fayyad Khawaldeh Publisher: Goodword Year: 2007 Pages: 217 Printed: India ISBN: 81-7898-016-9 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 250gr. Description: This book presents 99 of Allah’s beautiful names. In defining these names, the author has relied on the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

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